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Root to Fruit combines carefully selected natural ingredients with the highest standards of beverage quality. A whole wealth of plant-based ingredients is used, from fruit and vegetables to herbs and spices – from root to fruit!

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Always the perfect balance for spritzes, cocktails and long drinks: Let our recipes inspire you!


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The mind behind Root to Fruit is the prize-winning beverage expert Stephan Hinz. He is the owner of the award-winning bar Little Link in Cologne and has published several specialist books on the subjects of drinks and gastronomy. As a speaker, Hinz has passed on his knowledge at trade fairs and events in over 20 countries on four continents.

Camela | 20 % vol. | 0,5 l
Ricordino | 20 % Vol. | 0,5 l
Kalyx | 20 % Vol. | 0,5 l
Root to Fruit
This is how our Botanical Spirits are created:

1 Through maceration, extraction and distillation, we get the best out of our carefully selected natural botanicals.

2 High-quality distillates from grain, wine and molasses are finely blended with the plant extracts.

3 The reduced alcohol content and moderate sweetness provide the right balance. This creates harmonious spirits with full flavor!

Um diese Seite betreten zu können, musst Du das gesetzliche Mindestalter für den Konsum von Spirituosen erreicht haben.